Oxford School Bus Partnership

Junior Pupils & New Pupils

OSBP member schools  provide support for Junior pupils using OSBP services, and for pupils who are travelling on the OSBP network for the first time.


Junior Pupils

Schools each have procedures in place to ensure that Junior pupils (Year 6 and below) are escorted safely to and from the OSBP buses by duty staff.  Please contact your child's respective school if you require further information about these arrangements.

Where Junior and Prep children are required to go to after school care before their bus arrives, parents will not be required to pay for this childcare.

New Pupils

For pupils travelling by OSBP bus to a new school, or for pupils who may be using the OSBP service for the first time, school staff will be on-hand during the first few days of term to ensure the journey to and from school goes smoothly.   Staff will advise pupils on where to catch the bus and will help ensure that pupils board the correct service. 

Some schools can also help to identify a fellow bus buddy who your child can travel with in the early days as they get used to travelling independently on the OSBP service.  Please contact your respective school or email info@osbp.net if this is of interest.