Oxford School Bus Partnership

Route 8 - A420 corridor (Stanford in the Vale via Cumnor)

Route 8 starts from Stanford in the Vale, stopping along the A420 near Buckland, Longworth, Kingston Bagpuize, Fyfield and Cumnor then on to your child's school.

Operator (www.heyfordian.travel)

Timetable 2017/18 (last updated December 2017)

STop Description Am PM
Standford in the Vale Church Green 0645 1751
Littleworth Nr Snooty Mehmaan 0651 N/A
Buckland (Village) The Lamb PH N/A 1758
Buckland (A420) Public bus stop before Buckland Rd 0655 1745
Hinton Waldrist High Street, Village Hall 0702 1739
Longworth Hinton Rd/ Rectory Lane 0708 1733
Longworth Appleton Road 0710 1732
Kingston Bagpuize Near School Lane 0716 N/A
Kingston Bagpuize A415, Frax Close Not served 1727
Kingston Bagpuize A415, Business Park Not served 1725
Fyfield East of Digging Lane 0720 N/A
Cumnor Vine Inn 0725 1710
Cumnor Cumnor Hill 0727 N/A
Osney Frideswide Square (AM only, drop-off) 0737 N/A
Timings for school drop-off (AM) and school pick-up (PM):
d'Overbroeck's (7-11) Banbury Road nr Park Town 0750 Served if requested.
Oxford High School (Junior) Bardwell Road 0752 1608
Oxford High School (Senior) Charlbury Road 0755 1610
d'Overbroeck's (6th Form Centre) Banbury Road (Lathbury Rd) Served if requested. Served if requested.
Rye St. Antony Franklin Road 0810 1625
Headington School (Senior and Prep) Woodlands Road 0812 1623
Magdalen College School Iffley Road 0820 1633