Oxford School Bus Partnership

Route 6 - Goring via Wallingford & Dorchester

Route 6 starts from Goring, stopping at Moulsford, Wallingford, Crowmarsh Gifford, Benson, Dorchester (within the village, AM and PM), Berinsfield, Nuneham Courtenay, Sandford and Littlemore then on to your child's school.

A new stop will be introduced at Streatley for 2018/19.  Additional stop(s) can also be introduced in Goring on B4009 (Wallingford Road) if there is demand.

Operator (www.heyfordian.travel)

Timetable 2017/18 (last updated January 2018)

STop Description Am PM
Goring Goring Social Club 0650 1800
Moulsford A329 public bus stop N/A 1750
Wallingford Market Square 0710 1739
Crowmarsh Gifford Crowmarsh Church 0713 1734
Benson Church Road (AM)/ Benson Marina (PM) 0716 1732
Shillingford Served if requested    
Dorchester Village Fleur de Lys PH 0721 1723
Dorchester Village Sailing Club 0723 1721
Berinsfield A4074 public bus stop Served if requested 1717
Nuneham Courtenay Served if requested    
Sandford Served if requested    
Littlemore The George PH 0738 1707
Rose Hill Rose Hill Parade 0740 1705
Iffley Road Magdalen Arms PH 0752 1653
Timings for school drop-off (AM) and school pick-up (PM):
Magdalen College School Iffley Road (AM outside MCS/ PM opposite MCS) 0755 1640
Headington School (Senior and Prep) Woodlands Road 0805 1633
Rye St. Antony Franklin Road 0807 1635
Oxford High School (Senior) Charlbury Road 0822 1610
d'Overbroeck's (6th Form Centre) Banbury Road (nr Squitchey Lane) 0826 1620
Oxford High School (Junior) Bardwell Road Served if requested Served if requested
d'Overbroeck's (7-11) Banbury Road nr Park Town Served if requested Served if requested